Thank you to all our individual donors of season 2021-2022- 2023

Grand Benefactor:  Bill and Sandy Brehm 

Angels: contributions of $3000 or more

James and Ryoko Reid Toby and Ann Westbrook

Bo and Elisabeth Matthys

Sustainers: contributions of $2000 or more

Sandy Davis Jim and Joanne Hyldahl

Robert and Sonya Googins Tyler Mowbrey

Hal and Carol Needham

Promotors: contributions of $1000 or more 


Robin Allgren Serge Ansay

Ron and Joyce Hunt Ann Aneshansley

Rich and Cathy Buller Joanne Casterline

David Brooks Mary Davis

Vaughn and Myrna North

Enthusiasts: contributions of $500 or more  

Annette Friedlein Marshall and Lucy Simon

Robert Will David Griegel

Joe and Dana Stanford John Mullin

Benita Page Jim and Karen Sommer

Peter and Jerelyn Lagus

Benefactors: contributions of $250 or more

Pam Culley-McCullough and Ken Roth John and Adell Russ

Helen Cothran Jackie Shiller-Groveman

Marcia and Bill Oakes Brett Weiss

Bennett and Julia Shiller James Dunny

Geoff and Judith Gaebe 

Friends: contributions of $100 or more

Jane Hynes and John Hamilton

Oscar Teel Sara Kiebooms

Jill and Chris Schafer Ellen Marciel

Kathy Najjar Charlie and Karen Podvin

Harvey and Judy Levine James Kasper

Ann Pillsbury Louis and Carolyn Rossé

Patty Hughes Charlene and David Zettel

The Marcia and Leonard Fram Fund Norman and Patricia Switzer

of the Jewish Community Foundation Daniel Smith

Our individual donors of the past seasons

Named a Major Donor: Bill and Sandy Brehm

Angels: Contributions of $3000 or more in Seasons 2019-2020-2021-2022

Robert and Sonya Googins James Reid

Bo and Elisabeth Mattthys Toby and Ann Westbrook

Jim and Joanne Hyldahl

Promotors: Contributions of $1000 or more in Seasons 2019-2020-2021-2022

Lorne and Natalya Kapner Richard and Cathy Buller

Serge Ansay Pam Culley-McCullough and Ken Roth

Robin Allgren David Brooks

Tyler Mowbrey

Patrons: Contributions of $500 or more in Seasons 2019-2020-2021-2022

Ellie Hodge Vaughn and Myrna North

Geoff Gaebe David Griegel

Sara Kiebooms John and Adell Russ

Brett Weiss Joanne Casterline

Helen Cothran Ben and Julia Shiller

Benefactors: Contributions of $250 or more in Seasons 2019-2020-2021-2022

Catherine Gigstad Robert and Jean Will

Jackie and Howard Groveman Joan Pollard

Ming Kiang Lorraine Shelley

Ron and Joyce Hunt Marguerite Lawry

Dan and Patty Hughes Kathy Najjar

Normand and Poline Switzer Peter Lagus

James Dunny Benita Page

Joe and Dana Stanford

Friends : Contributions of $100 or more in Seasons 2019-2020-2021-2022

Florence Shiller-Goldman Annette Friedlein

Russel Thomas Roger and Patty Lightholder

Peter Berkos Harry and Donna Babb

Peggy and Alan Conner Claire and Marc Sullivan

Jill and Chris Schafer James Kasper

Harvey and Judy Levine Yolanda and Richard Emery

Anna Pillsbury Ruth Jones

Louis and Carlyn Rossé Jay Swasey

Sue Leininger Marcia and Bill Oakes